18 January 2013

Cr8've Holidays

As I mentioned earlier this week, I did quite a bit of crafting - even if I didn't share on my blog.  Well, allow me to share with you now just what I did over the holidays... my Cr8've Holidays!

I made quite a few cards for family, friends, & even filled a few orders for cards (yeah!), but I also took some time to do quite a bit of cr8'ing in the kitchen too!  My kitchen really comes to "life" during the hectic days of December (baking cookies & cakes)!

Get ready, as I have quite a few pictures to share with you from this past Christmas Holiday Season!

This became my Christmas/Holiday card box, as I made cards throughout the year I stored them in here.  It came in very handy in December, as I needed to hand out cards.  (The Santa card on the top was my personal favorite, & a true labor of love.)
This card was one in which I was commissioned to make for someone who celebrates a Christmas Birthday.  These are the tags which sit in each of the pocket of the card I cr8'd.  You can see more of the card in the following picture.
Here's the card, when the tags are in their respective pockets.  I stamped the sentiments purposefully so they would be easily read while tucked into the pockets, but could just as easily be pulled out of the pockets & enjoy the festive images.

Very simple Christmas card which was used for my list of dear friends this year.
Using stamps from Unity Stamp Company to make this very special "snowglobe," in the hopes to recr8 Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City.
Stepped outside of my usual card cr8'ions to make this "paint pail" and turned it into a gift card holder/container.  I purchased the pail in the dollar section at Super Target, then i added foil tissue wrap to fill the inside & cut one strand of every kind of holiday ribbon I have in my supply.  Tying each stand until the entire pail handle was covered, & finished it off with a gift tag sticker.  This received "ooh's" & "aah's" come Christmas morning, & the best part is this pail can be "recycled" - using it again & again.
Baked my very first Fruitcake, & even in doing so I opted to modify the recipe to suit me; placed it in a bundt pan instead of the bake-ware the recipe stated - I think it came out better; it fit my Christmas tray perfectly, & that was a happy accident!  My hunny loves Fruitcake, so this was a "gift" for him.
Just one more of my baked cr8'veness to share with you - Sugar Cookie Bars!  Deliciously, sweet - a whole lotta sugar!!
So, now you know just what I was up to during the last 2 months!  This was just a wee-bit of my cr8'vity from during the holidays.  Even though it keeps me plenty busy, it's my most favorite time of year.  Maybe that's because I can be cr8've in unlimited ways!

I hope you enjoyed, & I appreciate your stopping by to sit a while with me as I took you through my Cr8've Holidays!

Happy Cr8'ing!

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