09 February 2011

Being Cr8’ve On A Budget

Currently being unemployed I find myself with a great deal of time on my hands each day, but no money to spend. Let's face it there are only so many jobs you can send your resume and apply to in a given day! Either the eyes or the mind gives out on you after a while. Once I hit that wall, I turn to my card-making. It's become a great source of calm and serenity for me - a way to escape the stresses of daily life.

With that comes the challenge to use what supplies I have on hand for any of my card-making or scrapbook projects. But it also provides an opportunity to become really "crafty" or cr8've in my thinking. It's about not only using those supplies that I have on hand (for too long I'm ashamed to admit), but also finding unlikely objects or areas which can provide materials for me to utilize.

Here's just a few ideas to share my crafty-thinking:

There’s a certain lingerie chain store (you know the one, "she’s a bit hush-hush") which has these pretty, glossy bags, and ribbon handles; always in bright shades of pink and red. One day it dawned on me as I was carrying home my purchases in one of those very bags. Those ribbon handles are great – they’re great for a card. Just as soon as I arrived home, I emptied the contents of the bag & began removing the ribbon. The bag handles are made from very nice satin ribbon, usually 1-inch in width. It can be just the right amount to wrap around a small card, or make into a bow as an accent embellishment on a larger sized card. On their larger sized bags, they often use a cord (often gold or black) as the handles. I believe those items can also be saved & used on cards or scrapbooks. Even if you don’t use the items I mentioned on projects, you can always utilize them to wrap your gifts.

Here, the ribbon is recycled from the bag & onto this Valentine.

Another great idea are new ways to make use of the cork pads used on the bottom of figurines and vases. Often times those are self adhesive and can come in a variety of shapes. You see them in your local hardware stores or do-it-yourself sections of major retailers (who use a bulls-eye), so they are readily available. I have been lucky enough to find them in some of the local dollar stores, and those are THE BEST BARGAINS! Those cork pads can also be incorporated into card designs or scrapbook projects as embellishments. I find they compliment kraft papers and more masculine-themed cards and projects.

The cork pads make a great embellishment & offer new texture.

Finding these little tips allows me to continue my passion of card-making, but doesn't interfere with my economic situation. Let's face it, we all know paper crafting are not inexpensive hobbies! No matter how you decide to use the ribbon, cord, and cork pads it’s a great way to recycle and repurpose items. You can be thifty, crafty, and environmentally conscious when you make the most out of items in your home.

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