04 December 2013

Random Birthday Cards: Stock up!

Trying to increase the cards I already have made, this way when someone's birthday "pops" up suddenly I had something already cr8'd & ready to give.

Somehow, someway... I went through all the birthday cards I'd made probably a year or so ago.  (Yeah, it's been that long!)  I sat down the other day & put myself into a cr8've groove to create several birthday cards.  Some of them can be gender neutral cards & wanted to share just a few with you all now.

The stamped images and sentiments are from Stampendous (1st card), Penny Black Stamps (2nd -4th cards pictured), and Unity Stamp Company (last card).  I used a lot of scraps for these cards, so I was able to tidy up a bit of all that paper I'd been keeping.

At least now I have a stack of cards to run to when I'm suddenly presented with a birthday for a co-worker, etc.  They are bright & cheerful cards, so I'm sure they are bound to put a smile on somebody's face!

Happy Cr8'ing!

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