09 July 2012

Kitchen Crafting

Just wanted to share with you something OTHER THAN one of my card cr8'ions.  This past week we made a special dessert for Independence Day.  It was a recipe we got out of newspaper, & it seemed so easy peasy we decided to try it.  Besides, what could possibly be bad about ricotta cheesecake?  Nothing.

Here's the recipe from USA Weekend:  Creamy Ricotta Cheesecake with Fresh Berries.

You can see from that link what their cake looks like, but you will see ours look a bit different.  (We opted to not add the blue, as in the blueberries.) We decided to add "blue" with blueberries being in the jam we used to cover the cheesecake, subtle... but it really is a red, white & blue cake.

Here's our holiday cr8'ion:
Ricotta Cheesecake w/fresh berries

Fresh strawberries are the best!  (These are just as sweet as they look!)

Yummy, yummy... ricotta cheesecake!
 We did make the cake ahead of time, as the recipe suggests, yet omitted the liqueur (the recipe really is just fine without it).  This recipe was a huge hit, so I can see us making this a summertime favorite again & again!

Hope you enjoyed today's break from the cards I cr8, so I can share with you another kind of cr8'ion.  Thanks for looking!

Happy Cr8'ing!

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