13 June 2012

More Anniversary Cards

So, I was already telling you about my friend asking me to make the anniversary cards for her parents' 58th... it's always an honor for me to make such cards.  Be it a milestone birthday or momentous anniversary celebration, it's simply a special thing to be apart of - even if it's having them present my card to their loved ones. 

These are the other cr8'ions I made for her parents' anniversary:
Happy 58 Anniversary

Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Anniversary Wishes for Wife (image detail)
The first card I cr8'd is for her to present to her parents, & the later is for her mother to give to her father.  The Mo Manning image used on the later card just seemed perfect to celebrate a love that has lasted 58 years. (I even went so far in my coloring {with Copics, of course}, to add a gold band on his hand & earrings on her.)

Thanks for looking once again!

Happy Cr8'ing!

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  1. very cute love it TFS!