23 May 2011

Beauty New Uses | Real Simple

I found this article very interesting, & highly relative. (If you have a flat iron, you will find this interesting too.)

Beauty New Uses | Real Simple

In fact, just mere days before I came across this article I actually used my own flat iron to remove some creases from satin ribbon I wanted to use on a card. I wasn't entirely sure it could be done, but I thought "gee, the worse that can happen is the ribbon catches fire." Wow - funny how I'm "willing" to risk a bit of ribbon-fire in process of my "experiment." Well, it works - with a swift run through the flat iron you can remove creases from ribbons for your crafting projects. It might take more than just one pass through the flat iron, but always move it quickly through (this way lingering in one spot won't cause any heat marks).

Pretty cool, huh? I just love when you can find multiple uses for household items or a way to "solve" a (creased-ribbon) dilemma.
Happy Cr8'ing!

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