03 March 2011

Stamping Bella Challenge Entries

Okay, so first off... I found out about Stamping Bella a few years ago by seeing one of their stamps used in a card magazine.  Let me just say:  "love at first sight!"  In just under a two years I've "collected" nearly 30 Bellas!  I know, I know... but this girl must have a Stamping Bella for any AND every such occasion.  You don't believe me... here, take a look at this:
This is nearly all my Bellas, minus the sentiments!
Now do you get the idea I <3 my Stamping Bellas!

As I was reading through the Bloggabella I came across a lot of great card samples from their last challenge.  A challenge?  Did someone say a card challenge?  Sign me up!!

I am relatively new to card challenges, but found it as a fun, fresh and cr8've way for me to approach my card-making.  This week's challenge is for your to incorporate March's birthstone, Aquamarine.  Love this birthstone; I mean, it's a shade of blue, right?  Any shade of blue is cool with me!  So I decided I was definitely going to make a point to make a card for the challenge this week.

Well, not only did I make a card... I made TWO!  I'm not sure which I like best, so I might just sent along both in email to Emily (owner/creator & real-life Bella of Stamping Bella).  Take a look... I cannot pick my favorite, can you pick just one?  Leave me a comment & let me know which one you prefer.
You Go Superbella Girl!

Loveybella Says Thanks
Of course, this card which I made for a customer this week also would qualify for the Aquamarine Challenge:
Grumpybella Under The Weather
Even after looking them over again & again... I just can't seem to bring myself to pick one over the others.  It might be time to bring out the Official: Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo...  that always seems to work!

Hope you enjoyed looking at these cards today!  Thanks for stopping by & Happy Cr8'ing!

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