13 February 2011

Late Night = Cr8 Night!

I was pushing myself all day Saturday to come up the final card for a customer's order.  It's her mother's 80th birthday next month coming and she asked me to make cards for her and her father.  The first design came to me relatively easy, but the second one was taking a bit of toll on my cr8've mind.  When that stale mate occurs, I often pull myself away from card-making all together.  It takes my mind off it - directly, which can sometimes allow those ideas to come flowing in all on their own.  That's EXACTLY what happened! Of course, this idea didn't strike me until 11 at night. 

I truly enjoy working with flowers and gems, so what I came up with incorporated both elements.  Take a look at this "watercolor cr8'ion" I made for my customer.  It truly was worth the entire cr8've process - even if it took me nearly a full day to see it into fruition. 

Watercolor Wishes - I felt those flower colors were reminiscent of a watercolor painting.

Quote detail; this gave an appropriate feel to 80 years of living.

Inside detail
Supplies used in this card: white cardstock/envelope, CM Spring Paper Collection, ColorBox Pigment Ink Pad in Light Blue, MFT Stamps: Birthday Sentiments & Make The Date; Prima Flowers; Recollections Adhesive Gems; Sheer Ribbon: Two-Tone.

By the time this card was completed, it was nearing 1 in the morning.  Sometimes I never know how long I am sitting to cr8 something like this, but it certainly was worth the time invested.  However, I have to "go with it" when the Cr8've Juices start flowing.  It's always best to carpe diem, or in this case carpe cr8've process!  I am really thrilled with the results and certain her mother will love this card when she receives it at her party. 

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