31 January 2014

Friends With Flair: Cork Container

Well, I sure hope you are sitting down for this... I'm turning the world on it's axis this week & NOT doing a card for FWF.  OMGeeze!  I know - I'm shocked too.

For some time now I have been looking for a container to hold some basic office essentials (pens, scissors, etc.) atop my desk at work.  I knew I wanted something cr8've, something that would allow me to *think-outside-the-box* a bit.  Then it hit me like a bolt outta the blue & I finally discovered a use for the tins & containers I've been saving.  (You know the ones, you buy them & once you done you think "I can use this for something,"  so you hang on to it for what seems like forever.)

So here's the custom container I cr8'd:
 And now, a simple tutorial on how easy-peasy this was to cr8.

Here are the supplies I used to customize my container: old container (tin), natural cork shelf liner, jet black ink, stamp image (I selected Lovely Little Wings), and adhesive.
After cutting the cork liner to the desired size to cover the container in it's entirety, I randomly stamped the image onto the cork.  Suggestion:  you'll want to use a fast drying ink to stamp with, so the image will not smear. (I learned the hard way in my first attempt at this cr8'ion!)
Once you have completed stamping the image onto the piece of cork, apply adhesive.  I found the easiest way & more effective way is to apply adhesive using a Xyron machine.  After the adhesive is applied, you can line up the cork to cover the container.
You can add embellishments or even color the stamped image, but I was going for a more "natural" look for my container & opted to keep it simple.

Hoped this project will make you look at your trash a bit differently, & perhaps provide an opportunity to recycle or re-purpose an item.

Thanks for looking! 

Happy Cr8'ing!


  1. Very interesting project! So cool that you can stamp on cork

  2. Okay this is an awesome idea. I have to find this now. Great job Jules!!

  3. very fun idea! love to hang on to things to re-use later :)
    -Rachel w k

  4. Great idea! You'll appreciate your creation every time you grab a pen!

  5. What a pretty container redo! This is great!!!